Dear Australia


Macrina, the mother of family monasticism, and her brother Basil, made their homes hubs of prayer, hospitality and creativity and invited needy children into them. Is it Australia’s turn now?

The urgent must no longer crowd out the eternally essential. Good is enemy of the best. Denial of reality is a cardinal sin. Planet earth is beginning its death pangs.

Adopt a daily way of prayer, simplicity and creation care. Cure racism, sexism and ageism by obeying (being attentive to) God in each person.

The poet Ben Okri says we need a new planetary consciousness.  The Cosmic Birther, despised and rejected, can be re-born among post colonial, indigenous-esteeming, creation-caring followers of The Way.

My book Brendan’s Return Voyage: A New American Dream – Post Colonial, Indigenous and Celtic Theology spells out how The Community of Aidan and Hilda way of Life can take root among us, as well as among Americans, at the grass roots. Waterstones of Australia sell it as well as Amazon.

May Christ be born again among you this Christmas.



Revd. Ray Simpson

Founding Guardian, The international Community of Aidan and Hilda

Lindisfarne Links

7 Wallace Green, Berwick-Upon Tweed,

TD15 1EB, UK.

+ (0)1289 306771

Posted at 09:46am on 5th December 2021
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