The Twelve Days Of Christmas

'Glow sea and sky For the One who is drawing nigh' (a prayer we said). 'Wow! Look at that' - a visitor refers to the glowing sky and seascape.

Home-maker God, come at night to all who are sleeping rough; come to cardboard huts and the dampened squats; come to the young who have lost their way and to the old who have been forgotten' (a prayer we said). A man who spent the night in a caravan was offered breakfast at the Vicarage.

A late Christmas card from Paul Oliver included these words from his poem: 'He comes, friend to disinherited and forsaken, awakening a life prepared for us only in secret... And now his presence lightens the heart and gives voice to a world deafened to his gentle words of Love.'

Posted at 01:28am on 24th December 2008
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