Previously unencountered microbes leap to human hosts from other animals in an ongoing ‘zoonotic spillover’. Habitat destruction, such as deforestation and industrialised agriculture put increasing numbers of humans in contact with highly stressed animal and insect populations.  The real virus is unaccountable business greed that gobbles up natural resources without factoring in the cost. The result is devastation. 

Temperatures are approaching a threshold not seen in 34 millions years. Large tracts of the earth will shortly become uninhabitable and multitudes will migrate to the north of Europe, which will never be the same again.

 The only way out, says evolutionary biologist Rob Wallace is birthing a world.  But we can only rebirth a planet by restoring communion with its Creator.

That is why, throughout this week, we have been sending the following to varied eco-campaign networks who have converged on Glasgow for the COP 26 summit:

 Cop 26 is a last chance wake-up call to humanity to save the planet and millions of humans from destruction. But saving the planet out of self-interest will fail to replace economics based on self-interest. We need more fundamental values.

Sadly, monotheist religions, in contrast to First Nations’ spirituality, are widely dismissed as treating creation as if it has no value other than its use to humans. Tragically, Christianity, the mainstream religion of polluters such as USA, Brazil and Australia, and a strong minority religion of polluters such as China and India, is thought to sanction the human rape of the earth. Churches sell billions this lie dressed as truth.

So a tradition from within Christianity that values creation as an expression of the Divine is hugely important. Celtic Christianity and Climate Crisis by Ray Simpson brings this home. From start to finish the Scriptures teach that we reap what we sow. The Bible begins with the story of the human lust to take control of earth: the blood spilt by Cain  makes the earth sterile (Genesis 4:8-12). The Gospels end with an earthquake and the sun’s eclipse caused by humans killing the Son of God through whom all creation gets its life (Matthew 27:45-52; John 1:3). The prophets repeatedly point out that human mistreatment makes the earth sterile: ‘Because everyone… is greedy and deals falsely (Jeremiah 8:10) the mountains and pastures are laid waste’ (9:10). ‘The earth will become a wasteland because there is no one who cares’ (12:11).  The book points out that early church fathers such as Athanasius present Jesus’ baptismal immersion in the river Jordan as a restoration of God not only with humans (Adam) but with creation (Eden); that Chrysostom taught that our baptism is meant to be a sign of our life-long calling to restore the divine communion with creation and that Celtic saints’ practice of praying while immersed in water were visible signs of this restoration of communion with creation.

Although the book presents twelve golden keys to unlock our future, the longest first chapter and the epilogue major on creation.  Buy from Amazon, or from


Posted at 14:05pm on 31st October 2021
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