Catholic Radio Interview And The Camping Nun

Last week the Archdiocese of Santa Fe Radio released to us an hour's interview their Mary Wood did with Esther-Marie Nagiel and myself. Its about our own journeys, ecumenism, the international Community of Aidan and Hilda, and Celtic Christian spirituality. If you'd like to listen in you can get it from Drop-box @

Last week Peter and Dorothy Neilson led a fully subscribed retreat on Aging Well. I enjoyed sharing their evening meals. My motto is 'Give everything you have to give: don't try and give what you no longer have'.

Last week Sister Frederique arrived from France. She has asked her community of nuns (Sisters of Charity) to release her so she can explore the role of prayer in ecological contexts. She is interested in ecological villages and creation-friendly spiritualities. She had planned to camp on the mainland and walk to the island each day, since all accommodation on the island was taken, but her luggage, including her tent, failed to arrive at the airport and she had not taken into account the seven miles distance and the tidal closures. A couple of our friends who had rented a holiday house let her sleep in its spare room until they returned home. Then a busy couple in our community offered her a spare room. I failed to learn any more French. Sister Frederique ended up joining the first days of our retreat on God in Nature.

Now I'm off to Liverpool for a day with clergy and spiritual directors.

Posted at 21:41pm on 7th October 2014
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