Bloom Where You Are Planted

This world-changing possibility that we can bloom where we are planted riveted people who gathered for our Annual Week-end at Red Hill Centre, near Stratford, UK, which has converted a barn into a conference centre, outbuildings into guest rooms, and land into woods with footpaths, lake and praying place.

God is Hospitality; God makes room for creation and for us - that is why we can bloom even in a concrete corner, Graham reminded us. Anne from Edinburgh explained in her liturgy workshop how we can bloom in our homes. For example, we might invite friends and furnish a bare table together. Each could bring a coaster which means something to them, and tell their story. The band from The Ascension Church, London, entertained us. The Birmingham team did a B.B.Q. Linda gave everyone a plant for their garden. Christopher, Coventry's bishop, told us about fresh expressions of church, the Goths, and how new communities can nominate members to be ordained. As we gathered round the lake and its Canada geese for our Sunday morning worship Randal, from Ottawa, told us about the greening of the churches in Canada, of his Creation Matters project and his monthly meetings with his bishop, how Ottawa Cathedral is joining with the Earth Embassy, and of his vision for a wave of worship and teaching materials, political and business actions and networking that can bring a sea change.

'Can we convey our message in 30 seconds in the elevator?' he challenged us. 'How would you put it?' we asked. 'To re-connect the western world with God' he replied.

Posted at 00:40am on 20th June 2011
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