Bede: Shalom In The Wastelands: Sanctuary From The Apocalypse: Signposts That Shine Light On Our World.

On 25 May some twelve pilgrims from Berwick and Tweedmouth celebrated Saint Bede's day with a Eucharist and talk at St. Mary's Church , Lindisfarne, led by Canon Nicholas Sargovsky, Bede is known as 'the father of English history'. He died kneeling on Ascension Day 735,  reciting the words  'Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit'.  Later the preacher joined this group for a lunch at the Barn at Beal.

Sadly, the glories of monasteries like Jarrow have been replaced by inner city deserts of homelessness, unemployment and destitution.  Which is why new monastic movements such as The Community of Aidan and Hilda are so needed.  So it was providential that I was able to slip away and attend a book launch in the Village Hall with a group of inner city workers who had walked St. Cuthbert's Way.  Ash Barker, the author of  No Wastelands: How to grow seedbeds of Shalom in your neighbourhood was having a book launch there, and read extracts that give hope that, not only from their Birmingham UK centre near what the old TV soap named 'Benefits Street', around the corner from Winson Prison, but in many deprived areas throughout the world, fresh hope and well-being may be harvested.

The island was taken over by the filming of the last in Danny Boyle's film trilogy (the first two being 28 days later and 28 years later). This is about the apocalypse, people who seek sanctuary on Holy Island, and zombies who take over.  You've got it wrong Danny.  The Christian insight is that the saints will take over,..

So was it more than co-incidence that a few days later I was asked to give a talk in St. Cuthbert's Centre to US  pilgrims from Oregon, who had postponed their Cuthbert Way and Holy Island pilgrimage since Covid, on the subject 'Cuthbert and Community of Aidan and Hilda members as signposts of hope in our fractured world'  We considered how they may inspire: teenagers to tranform from rebels to heroes for good;  how the dying may stand for Christ's Way; how diseased neighbourhood may be healed; how brainwashed people may become students of divine truth; how women may partner with men in becoming spiritual foster parents for a needy world.

Danny (or someone reading this) - why not make a film about these signposts before the apocalypse engulfs us?

Posted at 11:04am on 29th May 2024
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