August 31: A For Action, Afghanistan And Aidan!

A curate in Berwick told school kids the story of Saint Aidan’s death accompanied by angels on 31 August 653.  ‘Why do you think there were so many angels?’ he asked them.  ‘Because people have so many needs that drag us down, and we have an angel to lift us up for each one of them’ replied one pupil.

A retired priest in Berwick was so concerned for the refugees from Afghanistan that he persuaded his local church to hold a day’s vigil for Afghanistan on Saint Aidan’s Day.  Each hour an inspiration will be shared, and those who come to be in solidarity with the refugees and with those who are in danger in their own country can give to charities that help with their accommodation.

This synchronises with the call of the world-wide Community of Aidan and Hilda which urges A for Action for Justice and Aidan on this day.

On this day on England’s Holy Island of Lindisfarne Faith Brennan’s First Vows will be received by guardians.

On this day in USA three new USA guardians will be commissioned in a Passing on the Flame ceremony on zoom.  Those of us who share in this in UK will do so at 1.30 am on September 1! 


 Savior, whose gentle apostle Aidan loved the poor and planted the ways of the sinless prophet among warring English tribes, plant these ways among the loved peoples of Afghanistan today. #StAidansDay

 May St. Aidan’s Day last for ever!

Posted at 09:06am on 31st August 2021
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