Annual Gathering - Is Revival Coming?

We returned from The Community of Aidan and Hilda's Annual Week-End at Windmill Farm Adventure Center in Oxfordshire. Our keynote speaker was Ken McIntosh from USA. He challenged us to draw from spiritual well-springs but not to fall prey to false constructs or to political or religious prejudice. He recommended us to look into our own hearts, using tools such as the Harvard Hidden Bias test that you can do on-line.

During the Gathering I told someone that in the Bible a return to God or revival sometimes came after seventy year of decline or exile. In my book 'Houses of Prayer' I describe how revival came nearly seventy years ago in the Hebrides. It started in homes, spread to churches and overflowed into the streets. I was converted in the 1950's when Billy Graham's mass meetings revived UK. Since then decline has been steady. The seventy years will soon arrive, and I still look for a sign of revival.

Then I received this email from someone who was at the Gathering: 'During Sunday morning prayers I prayed for the nation, that we might become a Christian country again. Eight years ago I stood on the cliffs at Holy Island & prayed that same prayer. My eyes were closed , my hands lifted to the sky & then God spoke to me as though he were standing right next to me. The first thing he said was “Open your eyes “. I did & all I could see was sea & sky . Then the Lord told me that he had heard my prayers & would grant my request. “Yours will be a Christian nation again “ he said “but not like before . It will not be an arrogant nation but one that serves the other people of the world “. That was all. I staggered away , speechless with the words “I the Lord of sea & sky running through my head...'. At Keswick she learned the hymn 'I, the lord of sky and sea...'. She sang that hymn when she took her vows on Holy Island. Her email continues:

'Since then I continue to pray that despite all the evidence to the contrary our country WILL come back to faith in a big way & I hold on to that promise that God has listened & said Yes . There has been no answer to the postscript to the prayer , that we will see it happen in our lifetime but who knows ? On Sunday last I boldly prayed that prayer out loud in the presence of community members . And then you announced the next hymn “I the Lord of sea & sky . I nearly fell off my chair! So I have a great hope for the future of these islands & I hope that you will share my trust & joy...'

I replied "'These encounters you have had with God inspire me and ring true. They also co-here with what God has put on my heart for the world.... During my recent visit to USA indigenous peoples I was told that Billy Graham thought that the Gospel would reach the non-Christian world as a result of a revival among them, rather than through white Christians. I have drafted a small book which I attach, which likens this revival to a return voyage of Brendan, because he was a white man who humbly served. You have known poverty. I believe that the revival will come from those who stand with the poor."

Watch and pray.

Posted at 11:00am on 14th June 2018
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