Aidan, App And Africa

Last week I recorded a video with young church leader Aaron Elder and Scott Brennan on  Aidan of Lindisfarne, in Lindisfarne's Whitehouse garden.  The link is 

The following evening we had a meal in the same garden with Pete Greig and his film-maker, who had just completed his Walking in the Steps of Aidan App, walking from  Iona to Lindisfarne recording one episode each day. (Of course, I think it unlikely that Aidan chose that route. My intuition, buttressed by Scottish sources,  suggests he came across the river Tay and south by sea.)

Community of Aidan and Hilda friends in Africa followed this  pilgrimage and emailed me. One wrote:

'I have been following Pete Greig’s Iona to Lindisfarne pilgrimage on Lectio 365, and he has quoted from your books as he travelled.  It brought to my mind the great memories we  have of our times on Holy Island... '

Another wrote: 'You anointed me as a spiritual mother in the Community when I took my first vows in 2003 and I have been that for the Seekers several of whom are still close daughters for 22 years now. They all seem to have the calling of spiritual mother on them and several are pursuing spiritual direction training. All of them love Celtic spirituality, so the giftings go on...

I am really intrigued to see where  Lord, the Trinity is going to take me...'

I conclude my brief blog blog with this prayer I tweeted today:

School us in the simplicity which reveals you in the fog of clashing egos.

School us in the purity which reveals you in our deepest longing.

School us in the obedience which reveals you in one another.

Posted at 10:10am on 6th July 2023
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