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Hacked Off

My email was hacked and a thousand people were asked to send money to a non-existent relative.

It was not from me. I never appeal for money in this way. Don't give to email appeals. In UK you can reclaim from your bank money you gave to a fraudster.


Posted at 09:51am on 4th February 2023

Saints, Spirit And Sailing The World

Those in vows from five countries gathered at Scargill House in UK's beautiful Yorkshire Dales for our annual retreat this week at a time when the world faces crises and we are tired by pandemics and cost of living fears

Scott Brennan, a respected church planter and director of church leaders,...

Posted at 20:16pm on 26th January 2023

A Modern Mother Hilda

Yesterday was the funeral of Rev. Tania Witter. With her late husband Nick they generously purchased The Open Gate, (allowing us four years to pay for it) which facilitated world-wide Community of Aidan and Hilda members and friends who wished to touch base with our lived spirituality in a setting...

Posted at 09:16am on 19th January 2023

Podcasts - A Life-time's Highlights

An Orthodox church liturgy is now celebrated monthly in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, to which young people from Edinburgh and Newcastle come. Afterwards I accompanied them to lunch in the rowing clubhouse. There I met John and his sister, whose family have recently moved into the area. John had left uni with...

Posted at 09:59am on 13th January 2023

Dark Materials Or Unimagined Possibilities?

Vocation As Resistance – God moving through, in, before and beyond us

While Craig Roberts worked to train innovative Christian leaders in Australia and New Zealand he was called to follow the bardic way of writing full time.

He explores what takes place when Spirit-led vocation becomes a way of...

Posted at 12:40pm on 3rd January 2023

New Year Message

Brian McLaren's new book Should I Stay Christian? a guide for the doubters, the disillusioned and the disappointed is but the latest sign that a younger generation soaked in global social media, wonders whether or not to reject a Christianity that seems a prisoner of male terminology, colonial, capitalist,...

Posted at 10:52am on 30th December 2022

Christmas - The Most Amazing Letter I Have Received


Of all the Christmas cards and emails I have ever received a four page typed letter posted in New Zealand is the most extra-ordinary.

X's estranged friend - a friendship that had been bolstered by booze...

Posted at 16:27pm on 23rd December 2022

Build Justice In Advent

From a friend's Christmas letter: 'At no time in my life have I known such apparent chaos and desolation... I see only insuperable obstacles to human flourishing - war, conflict, violence, climate change, selfishness of unprecedented dimensions, political and economic ineptitude, commercial and technological malevolence on a grand scale...

Posted at 09:04am on 12th December 2022

Making New Waves For God's Kingdom

Wales - land of world cup soccer, songs and saints...

A Welsh lady who once pilgrimed to Lindisfarne sent me this poem for Christmas that recalled her visit:

'Jesus... as in my mind I stand on that distant shore near Lindisfarne your Holy Spirit flows again on me like gentle waves...

Posted at 09:39am on 8th December 2022

Perish Or Rise To The Challenge

I have had flu.

Dawn Martindale, my secretarial assistant can no longer travel here monthly.

My computer was hacked. I did not send out a request for anyone to send me money. I have purchased a new computer. Making everything work is very difficult. Please pray that...

Posted at 10:46am on 1st December 2022
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