Wow! Writing Projects

Scott, Scotland's church planting apostle, and I are working on a joint book for men who want to stand for something big. Our Inspiration and perspiration are big, too.  Watch this space you warriors, shapers, lovers and royals - and you women, too.

In between sessions I input into John's MA dissertation on how his town's faith communities can change it from a broken into a blessed community.  The trouble is people!  Which is why I encourage him to learn (from Patrick Lencioni's book 'The Five Dysfunctions of a Team') how to build trust, surmount fear of conflict, inspire commitment, embrace accountability and maintain team focus.

I also gave input to John's fellow student's dissertation on Thin Places.  This can be a romantic subject removed from ghetto areas where marginalised people live. So she has looked at Sang Hyun Lee's 'From a Lininal Place: an Asian American Theology'. This reveals how Galilee (the Thin Place for Jesus and his apostles) was in fact packed with displaced peoples. They, not just the scenery, made it a liminal place.  Thin places, where the gap between heaven and earth is thin, can be revealed among our vulnerable minorities.

As if the above was not enough, last week I sent off my five 800 word entries for a Handbook on 'Facing the Issues' which Kevin Mayhew is to publish.  Don't worry, stress was not one of the issues - creationism, debt, fraud and vanity were.

Posted at 03:16am on 17th February 2012
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