'waymarks' -what An Encouragement

A large charismatic Baptist Church in England started daily prayer for its staff and others. They used 'Waymarks for the Journey'. This week I received these words of encouragement from the minister:

'When I moved to our present church over three years ago, I introduced an early morning prayer time for our staff members, office volunteers and anyone else who happened to around the church building. It has become an important part of our daily programme. We don’t achieve it every day but mostly we stop, reflect and pray. We are a typical activity driven charismaticy large Baptist church and so I deliberately looked for a different kind of structured material to help use with our prayers.

Since we started, until today, we have used Waymarks for the Journey. It has been an incredible blessing to us. It has stretched us, challenged us and comforted us. During an exceptionally challenging 2011, it has brought us insights into ourselves and the God we serve – often on the exact day we needed it! At first some of my colleagues were not so sure about celtic spirituality – indeed a few still refer to it as Celtic (the football club), but the discipline of a spiritually quite different to our own has over time become a precious thing for all of us. One of our catering volunteers even went and bought her own copy!'
Can't be all bad.
Posted at 02:20am on 18th June 2012
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