Universal Consciousness - The Challenge Of Jesus

Daniel Wolpert pastored a conventional, aging Presbyterian congregation in Minnesota. He concluded that large numbers desert churches for secularism, but deep down they still seek sources of soul renewal. He started a contemplation center on a plot of former farmland. Then he founded MICAH, a multifaceted contemplative Christian facility for the practice and study of spiritual formation and leadership, healing and the arts - a sacred space within which we seek to create a life with God. http://www.micahprays.org/about/staff.htm

He became a psychologist, spiritual director and author. His first book is entitled Creating a Life with God: The call of ancient prayer practices (published in USA by Upper Room and in UK by BRF). This introduces the reader to silence, imagination and the use of the body, creativity and nature in prayer. His second book is Leading a Life with God: the practice of spiritual leadership. Time Magazine has interviewed him.

This week he and his co-founder Trey Everett led a retreat at The Open Gate. He introduced us to The Singularity, which you can google. The Singularity, it is claimed, is an era in which our intelligence will become increasingly non-biological and trillions of times more powerful than it is today—the dawning of a new civilization that will enable us to transcend our biological limitations and amplify our creativity. I learned this week that more networks are plugged into the internet than there are people on this planet. Daniel told us of experiments that are already breaking fresh ground fast. He believes that by the end of this century we can have chips in our bodies that relay our thoughts and feelings and soul values into the universal consciousness pool.

It seems to me as likely that we will be incinerated by wars that are the result of leaders and peoples who are still operating from primeval emotions such as greed, vanity and fear. But if we survive such a catastrophe and have chips inside us which plug our unconscious psyche into this world consciousness pool, the eternal challenge remains: to have a center of sacrificial love.

The Infinite God has inserted himself into the stream of human consciousness through Jesus. Jesus remains the Way, the Truth, the Life in the Age of Singularity as much as in the Age of Tribalism. The quality of a God-centred life, however geographically remote, is more significant than a million tales told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

I use Shakespeare’s vivid language because it is topical during this 400th anniversary year of his death. Throughout this week my daily prayer tweet has turned a famous Shakespeare saying into a prayer: Twitter@praycelticdaily

Posted at 01:43am on 28th April 2016
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