Treasures From David Adam

I have coffee with David and Denise Adam at their home by the byrne. In order to write so many insightful books, he has acquired, in addition to a habit of observation, a treasure trove of a library. Aware that he cannot take these treasures with him, he seeks to find the right home for each. Prince among these volumes is James Raine's 'Holy Island' published in 1830 which I now steward.

He also has current little paperbacks that he thinks might make my soul sing. He knows. Some years ago he gave me Eckhardt Tolle's books such as 'The Power of Now'. I learned to be present to the Now while sitting on the Cheviot Hills. Now he gives me Kim Rosen's 'Saved by a Poem: the transformative power of words' and Rabindranath Tagor's 'Gitanjali'. W.B. Yeats writes in his intoduction to this: 'He is the first among our saints who has not refused to live, but has spoken out of Life itself, and that is why we give him our love.'

Yet have I truly learned the Power of Now? I asked David 'What's the point of growing old?' He lives in the present. That is not a question for him. He does mention Teilhard de Chardin, who realised that the fibres of our being are worn, torn apart and replaced throughout our lives. That is what makes reconstitution and resurrection possible. If we embrace this pattern we also embrace resurrection.

I went on to buy a new car, to climb the Cheviot and to speak a Tagore poem aloud.

Posted at 01:18am on 18th May 2014
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