The Duke Of Edinburgh And My Celtic Journey Dvd


The ninety-seven-year-old Duke of Edinburgh continues to  get much media attention because he drove into a fast-approaching car. His explanation? He was blinded by the bright, low, winter sunshine. The lady whose car drove into his claimed all the sympathy, but I also sympathise with the Duke?  Why?

I experienced the same thing. I once drove my car out of a Suffolk hotel in order to record a CD (now also a DVD) for Kevin Mayhew publishers.  This was scheduled to be a full morning of five talks on 'Celtic Journey'. Quite an undertaking!

The early morning sun was blinding. I waited until a large vehicle had passed and drove across the road, only to hit a very long, low trailer at the back of the lorry which I had not seen.  Like the Duke, I was shalen but unhurt.  My friends at Kevin Mayhew could not have been more helpful.  They  got my car to a repair garage and drove me to the building where the recordings took place.  Pride comes before a fall, but I confess that I am proud of the fact that the recording is perfect.  There are no stumblings or tremblings. Outwardly I was calm and collected. But afterwards I blew a great sigh of relief. 

What do you think?  (This is shameless advertising!)  Get the DVD (which includes inspiring images of Lindisfarne) or the CD: 'Celtic Journey: An Invitation to Walk Life's Pilgrim Way' - five talks on essential features of Celtic spirituality interspersed with songs by Keith Duke.Could you guess that I had come straight from a car crash?

Now it is time for me to belt up. And for the Duke!

Posted at 09:49am on 1st February 2019
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