Brother Damian gave the annual Markwell Lecture on education at Holy Island's St. Mary's Church in the presence of its teacher and governors. Under the umbrella title of JOURNEYING TOGETHER the joint school of Lowick and Holy Island has a Vision statement and a Behaviour Statement. These are the best I know of. I recommend them.

The Vision Statement: To foster a safe yet stimulating and challenging culture in which all individuals are valued, respected, nurtured, enthused and appropriately prepared for the ever changing world in which we live. (In order to realise the vision twelve aims are then set out). The Vision Statement ends with the following sentence: The spiritual, moral, cultural, social and physical development in our schools will be based on Christian values such as love of neighbour, the pursuit of truth and justice, challenge of service and duty and the experience of forgiveness.

The Behaviour Statement has three circles based on Respect, Safety, and Forgiveness. When any child breaks out of a circle they are asked to think about the feelings, space and property of others (circle 1); the safe actions (circle 2) or they try and forgive someone who makes a mistake and is truly sorry (circle three).

This is what we mean by holistic learning.

Posted at 02:29am on 7th September 2009
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