Santa Claus

December 6: I put Santa Claus - Saint Niklaus actually - on my window sill, with snow, crib and flashing winter lights. When this kind parish priest heard a man who'd lost his fortune was to sell his daughters into prostitution, he secretly dropped gold down the chimney. This fell into a sock put there for overnight airing.The man got a dowry and his daughters could be married!  That's the origin of Santa Claus and on this day people in the Netherlands remember Claus and give their Christmas gifts.

Maryka and Jelle arrived from the Netherlands to study with Peter. Maryka joined us for our morning St Nicklaus celebration of Holy Communion. We prayed 'Thank you for Nicklaus's love of people, generosity, and concern for each person's dignity of calling.'

May I remember to give my chocolate Christmas truffles to our Netherland guests today. And may all the santas in the world soak up these three gifts and inspire us to take them into the hard times ahead.

Posted at 03:51am on 6th December 2011
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