Saint Hilda's Tide Down Under

This week Community of Aidan and Hilda Voyagers renewed their vows all over the world at St. Hildda's-tide. But my thoughts were with Voyagers in Australia. This is the Facebook Post I sent them:
'Australia has schools and churches named after Saint Hilda. She is a universal ikon of wisdom.
Today, belatedly, some churches in Australia espouse post-colonial ways of being Christian. They draw from the vast reservoir of Aboriginal spirituality and trace in it  the Creator’s imprints including the role of dreaming. God spoke to Hilda’s pagan parents through dreams. They believed in dreaming. Her mother dreamed, while Hilda was in her womb, that she would shine like a jewel that would light up people of different nations.
Hilda became a Christian through colonial settlers. But their form of faith, she felt, was too colonial and not indigenous. Then she met people who had embraced an indigenous form of Christianity. They humbly modelled Jesus’ ways among the people, and allowed the people to express Jesus’ presence in ways that were natural to them. Hilda lived this  humble way of following Jesus.
A split between post-colonial and pre-colonial peoples dominated her society. She was known as a merciful mother by people on both sides, who became her friends and sought her advice.
She discerned that God had given an uneducated cowherd the gift of composing and singing songs about the Creator of the earth. She refused to ‘steal’ him for the colonial style church training, which required people to learn the foreign language of Latin. She invited him to make himself at home in their extended monastery accommodation, and freed him to be himself. He became the first pop singer among the ordinary people of songs about Jesus.
People who are inspired by Hilda today seek to ‘release the song in every human heart’.
Australia: the time is ripe for new as well as old song-lines to fill the land.
  • Ray      Simpson, author of Hilda of Whitby: a spirituality for now (BRF)
Posted at 11:24am on 22nd November 2019
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