Royal Wedding Invite- Healing The Family Tree

The Markle and Windsor families have deep scars. So has mine. There is a skeleton in our family cupboard. This was brought to light in a nightmare. My body was contorted and partly disconnected from my head. It had to be covered in a shawl.

We speculate that granddad Simpson's father was Britain's King Edward 7. All we were told was that granddad's father was a Very Important Person who on no account must be named. His mother was a West End actress or dancer. One story was that my granddad was sold to a pawn shop. Such behavior engenders driven offspring racked by denial.

In my twenties I was told by a psychiatrist that some emotional wounds are so deep that we can never gain access to them. It is like living with an amputated leg. But after my nightmare (which was perhaps a picture of my emotional frame) I was prompted to ask Jesus to reconnect my head to my body and to make me whole - to heal the family tree.

I have just read a biography of Edward 7. He did indeed have many mistresses, and a house in London where he secretly slept with a different actress night after night. He may have thought it an honour for the lady, but at a time of poverty and deference that raises a question mark.

As I completed reading this book I learned something else - there is no sin that cannot be redeemed. And even Edward had redeeming features. He did some good things before and after he became king. He sustained friendships among Russian and German Royals when everyone else was at each others' throats, though these efforts failed to avert a world war. He began to engage with the socially deprived people of Britain.

As I watched the royal wedding in the castle where Edward lived I shed tears. Especially when I listened to the historic sermon by Michael Curry about love, like fire, being powerful enough to change everything. The future. And even the past.

A USA Native preacher recently told me he was disappointed that Jesus used the phrase 'Kingdom of God'- which calls to mind imperial domination. But Jesus had in mind the Jews' ideal of a king who loves the poor, as expressed, for example, in Psalm 72. He had in mind, as Bishop Curry pointed out, the All-Compassionate Source of Love as the King. We are all his family. We are all royals when we avail ourselves of the King of kings' DNA. Nothing is beyond Love's reach. Even the skeleton in the family tree can be healed.

More even than that. We all have a royal wedding invitation. For Jesus says we, all of us together, are his bride.

Posted at 14:00pm on 19th May 2018
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