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Where The Wild Things Are


Over fifty people in vows with the Community of Aidan and Hilda gathered for their annual retreat and business meeting at Northampton's King's Centre, UK.

David Runcorn, a hermit teacher and writer, led sessions on the theme of Where the Wild Things Are.  He pointed out that in Darwin's time and...

Posted at 16:12pm on 24th January 2019

Angel Of The North

 This week I received this outstanding poem and picture from Sam Simpson of Angel of the North:


Pilgrimage.  2018

You stand there
looming like some god
and cast your shadow forth
on hapless legions that still trod
the Roman great...

Posted at 21:15pm on 18th January 2019

A New Generation


This week a young journalist named John stayed for two days. He has become an Orthodox Christian in Cumbria. His wife has given him permission to tour UK and Ireland to produce a story and photo book of Saint Aidan. He is fired up by Aidan and believes he is...

Posted at 10:10am on 11th January 2019

Questions I Receive

 I recently received another question about Celtic Holy Communion services. This was my answer:

 If you belong to a church with bishops, only an ordained person can preside at a Eucharist. Whatever church you belong to you may, however, hold a Celtic Agape. 'The Celtic Prayer Book volume 3: Healing the...

Posted at 11:27am on 4th January 2019

New Year Message From Ray Simpson


The fourth industrial revolution threatens to reduce humans to robot-users, and to reduce communities to dormitories. Western democracies are sleep-walking into a new tyranny – the untramelled power of tech giants and social media disinformation. The infra-structure of democracy hangs by a thread.

Posted at 12:48pm on 28th December 2018

Puppets - A New Chapter In A Story Of Love



When Jane Colman found the strength to relaunch a popular Christian puppet ministry that had been originally created in Bowthorpe, Norwich, by her paraplegic late husband David, it marked a new chapter in an unfolding love story, reports Good News for Norwich & Norfolk in its winter edition.


Posted at 08:05am on 21st December 2018

The Ecumenical Patriarch



Seven Community of Aidan and Hilda members and one friend  - Anglican, Lutheran, Orthodox and an inter-faith minister- came  from Norway, UK and USA to spend a week in pilgrimage in Istanbul during Advent, culminating in an hour’s audience with his All-Holiness, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, leader of the...

Posted at 17:14pm on 17th December 2018

Advents, Brexits And The God Of Surprises


 Advent recalls Jesus’ warnings -  fault lines beneath what’s false in our personal and international set-ups will be exposed and they will collapse. That’s the bad news. The good news is that this collapse can make space for Reality to step into centre stage. The reality...

Posted at 14:55pm on 30th November 2018

The Lost Kingdom

 This week I received two communications about Saint Hilda. The first alerted me to the new Netflix series THE LOST KINGDOM. It contained just two terse words: Brexit?  Hilda?

The second were these  notes from a talk to a Community of Aidan and Hilda area group:

Members spent a half day learning...

Posted at 08:16am on 30th November 2018

Villages Of God Amid Globalisation


A pioneer minister has contacted me about Villages of God. He is writing a dissertation on this topic. He hopes to start a pioneering think tank for the Church. The end goal is a growing number of people in different areas working out how Villages of God might work.

Posted at 14:43pm on 23rd November 2018

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