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Berwick Advertiser Thought For The Week - Tell Your Story Before You Die


As light draws in and Northumberland’s Covid restrictions increase our thoughts turn to life and death matters.

A grave-digger told me in a pub ‘I feel sad when someone is lowered into the grave who has never told their story’.

Posted at 14:36pm on 17th October 2020

Covid Heralds Revival Of Outdoor Worship

 Community of Aidan and Hilda Advisor Ian Bradley writes an article in the London Times about whether Covid may herald a return to the Celtic practice of outdoor worship. He draws on material in my latest book Celtic Christianity and Climate Crisis. See below.




CREDO | IAN BRADLEY Outdoor worship can bring...

Posted at 16:25pm on 7th October 2020

The Patriarch And The Climate Crisis

Sammy Horner has sent me a signed copy of his new book of Irish stories 'Finn and the Wild Goose'.  In future, whatever banshees and dark ghouls frighten me in the night, I will not hesitate to find refuge with the Wild Goose, even though she is weather beaten and...

Posted at 15:40pm on 21st September 2020

Bathsheba's Advice

Bathsheba's advice

 Beware Great Men.

My dear Solomon, so wise – so many women.

Where's the wisdom in that?

My beloved David, so great, so generous – so many concubines

But he wanted me and would have it right or wrong.

Where's the greatness in that?

And I am...

Posted at 10:56am on 21st September 2020

Open Gate And Covid

In Norway a lot of people want a change, but few want to change


Posted at 16:27pm on 9th September 2020

Video And Youtube Talks

This week we wound up the Aidan and Hilda Week zoom retreat talks with the value of communal memory for vitalising sacred bonds and birthings. The retreatants 'Take-away' was the RAINBOW ARCH: Reconciliation * Apostolic ministries * Indigenous mission * Nations guided by God * Births lit up by...

Posted at 11:31am on 9th September 2020

A Is For Aidan: A Is For Action For Justice

A is for Saint Aidan's Day, August 31. A is for Apostle to English-speakers. A is for Archetype of indigenous sharing of Christ's ways.

A is for Action for Justice - which members of the international Community of Aidan and Hilda are prompted to take on this day. Some donate to a...

Posted at 11:13am on 30th August 2020

Twelve Keys For The Future Of The Church


Everyone is asking what the post-Covid world may be like, so I thought you’d like to know a little more about about my latest book. 

 Since my first book on Celtic spirituality was written twenty five years ago I...

Posted at 11:22am on 25th August 2020

Just Out: Climate Crisis And Celtic Christianity Book

1 hour aCeltic Christianity and Climate Crisis CELTIC CHRISTIANITY AND CLIMATE CRISIS: Twelve Keys for the Future of the Church
by Ray Simpson
Buy this book! World-wide delivery. £12.99

Ray Simpson, Founding Guardian of the Community of Aidan and Hilda,...
Posted at 15:21pm on 17th August 2020

Prayer Distances The Plague

Sorry folks.  Covid got to me. Hence no weekly blog.  But this contribution to a local church lock-down newsletter signals a revival.

Matthew 15:21-28

 The Gospel for this coming Sunday (16 August) begins ‘Jesus left that place and went away’. In that place a foreigner intruded on his planned...

Posted at 12:20pm on 5th August 2020
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