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Uxbridge churches held a Week Exploring Prayer and Celtic Spirituality. Extra chairs had to be brought in for the Wednesday night meeting. In order to pay the high rent and mortgages many people work from early to late. Things like space, body/mind/spirit balance, fun, creativity and community can go out of the window. So it was delightful to meet people who wished to become aware of God's presence in work and creation and to celebrate God through all the senses. We explored how memorising Scripture, embracing simplicity, praying daily following the natural rhythm of the sun and the seasons, and working with a soul friend could help to overcome stress-inducing workaholism. Before flying from nearby Heathrow airport to Belfast I was able to enjoy half a day off at the delightful Kew Gardens.

It was a privilege to lead the annual week-end conference of the Celtic Spirituality Centre at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh, Northern Ireland. On this site Saint Patrick established his mission headquarters. The Centre is now sponsored by Catholic, Church of Ireland and Presbyterian trustees and contributes to the vital ongoing peacebuilding processs. Participants came from north and south of the border.The theme was 'The Sacred Weave of Life'.

On Saturday afternoon there was an art workshop and a guided tour of the Armagh Public Library, founded by a great archbishop as a Christian resource. We hope to promote links between our Celtic Christian Studies Library on Holy Island and this library. People come on sabbaticals to Holy Island. They could also do so at Armagh, by staying at the upmarket youth hostel nearby and joining in the daily prayer at either or both of the cathedrals. For more information write to Rev Grace Clunie at the cathedral, Armagh.

Posted at 03:49am on 18th May 2009
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