Locked In During Lock-down? Six Golden Keys

Lock-down in many lands is harvesting depression, abuse and negativity. I have invested in Netflix and during energy collapses have at last watched TV series such as When Calls the Heart, Poldark and The Crown.  Characters try to understand why another person acts in a certain way.  Often this is to do with imprisoning childhoods, words that have closed them up, neglect that has created confused identities, hurts that have led to under performance, circumstances that have led to cruel behaviour.

 Jesus gives us keys to unlock dysfunctional human behaviour (Rev. 3:7; Matthew 8:18). Here are six keys:

1)    An under-performing child can be set free with words of encouragement.

2)    Somebody embittered by emotional shutters can be set free by inviting them to join us on an adventure.

3)    Some who lunge out in order to be noticed can be freed up by giving them quality listening.

4)    Someone who hides beneath their shell can be set free by giving them space.

5)    Someone who peddles hateful lies about other groups of people can be set free by enabling them to meet a person from the other group and explore both sides of a question.

6)    Someone who has an identity crisis can be freed by writing a journal of their inner journey which they share in confidence  with a non-judgemental friend.

 Now, instead of watching something on-line, add four more keys of your own and try them out.

Posted at 09:21am on 15th January 2021
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