The Lighthouse

A busy week, during which I discussed with Manfred the re-surfacing of a long-held vision of schools of prophets in modern societies. The practicalities felt daunting. My rest day went out of the window so I took Sunday off. I climbed Arthur's Seat at Edinburgh. Below was a Diathlon. Tired, I felt I would never run seriously again. In fact I felt unheroic, depressed, decrepit. As an introvert, part of me resisted socialising. But a deeper part of me found its way to The Lighthouse at Musselburgh - an afternoon meeting in a school of a fellowship and church-planting network led by Scott, an Explorer of our Way of Life. A band led restful music during which we invited the Holy Spirit to come in to our visions, family, work and community. Faith gave a talk on the theme 'Encourage one another.' Fourteen cell leaders looked upon the people and gave any words of encouragement that came into their minds. To my astonishment three of these had words for me. 'You are to be a long distance runner and complete the marathon (of life)' said Anthea. 'You are an Indiana Jones', said James, 'a hero of the Faith'. (Who is Indiana Jones? I really must see that film.) 'You are called to listen to God and see what God is doing in peoples' lives and to increase in this' said Graham.who did not know me. A little girl sat on the lap of a man who was not her father. He explained what God was doing and what words were being given to various people. She showed an amazing capacity to understand; she was spiritually sensitive and engaged. 'That's the way to develop schools of prophets' I thought.

I take the view that I do not share 'words' when I am a visitor to a church, unless I am invited or I quake so much that I cannot not share them. However, the moment I entered the building and saw these fifty mostly younger people, I sensed that they were hungry to be fed, but tired easily if the music or the ministry up front finished its course. 'Athletes of Christ', flashed into my mind. I felt that these dear folk need to develop the daily spiritual disciplines that makes them fit for purpose, whether or not their leaders are on hand. Afterwards I told Scott and Faith this. 'Would you help lead such a course?' they asked.

Next day Scott rang. 'I'm not much of a pastor but I do care, so I thought I ask how you are' he said. Fellow bloggers isn't this a great way to 'encourage one another'?. If you're interested in finding out more about Lighthouse, see

Posted at 05:16am on 6th September 2010
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