Hoods, Holy Island And Simplicity

'Hoodies', in Britain at least, are young shop-stealers who avoid detection by security cameras by covering their head in a hood. That is one image. A different image is that of clergy of a certain type who wear long black clerical cloaks topped with a hood. For years I thought that to wear one of these might be a bit like the pharisee-show-offs whom Jesus disapproved of. Until I reached a certain age and experienced a certain Holy Island winter plus a daily early morning 90 minutes in a freezing church. So I purchased one of these garments - for purely practical reasons, you understand.

However... I am committed to simplicity, but the hood on my nice new cloak is detachable. The moment I leave my door the North Sea winds blow it off my head. I do contortions with one hand and try to get it back on, and again and again. The hood then detaches from its 'pop-ins'. I get home and try to re-attach it. But these are not simple. It takes several attempts before they are all popped nicely in. Only for the hood to blow off again.

I am reading a book called 'How to Get things Done'. What should I DO? What would you do? ... In order to tick off what this book says I must do about such conundrums, I have just sent the following email to the cloak-makers - who, by the way, are an excellent and personalised business:

'Dear Jilli, My cloak arrived safely. It is lovely. Except for the hood. This blows off my head as soon as I leave the door of my Holy Island House. I try to get my hand around it and pull it on again. Most difficult. Several times a week this causes the hood to detach from its metal 'pop ins'. To get these in place again takes several attempts- they don't go with one push. And I am committed to simplicity! So may I suggest that you develop a new line known as 'Holy Island Hoods'. The hood could be non-detachable (or detachable in an improved version), and have a ribbon or velcro fixture to ensure that it is wind-proof and secure round the face.'

Watch out for a new line. Let's continue the Simplicity Revolution - with creative innovation.

Posted at 02:09am on 4th March 2010
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