Fair Trade - Fair Do

A good new year resolution is to buy more local food and more fair trade products in 2012. Yesterday a visitor told me that London would not survive more than one day if the food supply chain collapsed and supermarkets had no stocks.  No wonder he is thinking of setting up a food-growing Christian community that could eventually service a quite wide area.

Today I  received a letter from Traidcraft. This charity fights world poverty through trade, and sells products in rich countries that are purchased at a fair price from producers in poor countries. A group in the church I served as minister purchased shares in this,  and I am named as a (small) shareholder.Traidcraft warns that although the same number of people send orders, they order less than previously because of the recession, and it is heading to make a loss. So it urges me to encourage my friends in UK to buy Traidcraft groceries over the coming months. www.traidcraft.co.ukroceries  Whatever country you live in - why not track down a fair trade supplier and make an order?

Posted at 02:12am on 4th January 2012
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