Extinction Rebellion

Community of Aidan and Hilda members world-wide commit to stand against all that would seek to violate or destroy creation and God's creatures and to care for nature and see it restored.  We must not cheapen the nature of this struggle to establish God's kingdom on earth.

Some members have recently joined Extinction Rebellion demonstrations on the streets, at risk of arrest for impeding free movement of traffic and people.  They say it is not enough to have a list of personal creation care practices, we must stop environmentally harmful government practices.

Commitment to the Common Good and to God's Kingdom requires requires that a) governments b) big business leaders  c) individual citizens all play the part that only they can.  There are some things that only a) or b) or c) can do.  We are all needed. Governments have to negotiate arguments and opposition voices.  So do business leaders.  So do individuals to a lesser extent. Yet each is called to participate.

Some Extinction Rebellion campaigners interviewed on TV, when asked what viewers can do, are blank. They pile all the blame on faceless government, without taking responsibility to set out realistic actions or meet with MP's. Some are even blank as to what businessess  can do.  We should always be ready to give an answer for the faith that is us.  We are all needed.

The two key things individuals can do is eat less meat and fly less.  Two key things governments can do is to end fossil fuel energy production and subsidise electric cars.  Two key things businesses can do is to sell only green goods and plant trees.

And we can't do all  this without God's guidance.  Our contribution to Extinction Rebellion young activists must be to put them in touch with the Christ from whom creation emanates.  Without God we are doomed.

Let us call campaigners to join us in a way of life that lives the answer. It is a ceaseless revolution.  We are the first fruits of a renewed creation.



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Posted at 16:13pm on 9th October 2019
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