From Ego To True Self

I prepare to lead a small Lent retreat on this theme next week. It is possible there are still a space or two left. Some Bible Christians don't like words like ego and true self. The ego is our tendency towards not being true to ourselves.. The true self is our tendency to be true to ourselves. Sin versus God?

Twenty four people squashed into my front room the other day to celebrate a significant birthday. The Kahn brothers brought meals from their award-winning Tandoori restaurant in Berwick. They said 'You are a man of God so we will give you free vegetables.' That's a new spin on capitalism.

Gerard Hughes gave me a card with these intriguing words: 'It's not how old you grow but how you grow old'. Thank you to all who sent me cards and good wishes, and the raspberries, strawberries and herbs to plant in the garden as my contribution to sustainable living.

Posted at 04:36am on 11th March 2010
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