Eggshell, Hospice And Living Stones

Pilgrims thronged to Holy Island's Easter service. This year certain Northern Cross pilgrims walked from further afield than ever before: one started from Iona and another from Lanark. Next year some will start from Saint Ninian's Cave at Whithorn

The Sunday preacher, Colin Gough, told how Archbishop Robert Runcie visited a dying sculptor in a hospice. They established a rapport. 'I will send you a little gift' said Robert. The gift duly arrived, carefully wrapped up. It was a beautifully sculpted eggshell. The glorious Easter message wrapped in this story needs no further explanation.

Colin spoke of the sacred stones of this Holy Island. To those of us who live on the island he said: 'Pilgrims need to meet not only sacred stones from the past, but sacred stones now. You can be those living stones.' A recent canon from Westminster Abbey , where Prince William and Kate will marrry, was present. 'The worship offered at the Abbey and that offered here are both needed', he said. 'We don't clap at the Abbey'.

After the clapping Northern Cross pilgrims sang and prayed around the village with their flower-bedecked crosses. I joined members of the Northumbria Community as they renewed their vows and circle danced around the sculpure of Saint Aidan in the churchyard. God is not dead.

Posted at 04:08am on 24th April 2011
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