Down With Selfish Nationalism: Up With The Book Club

Email dialoguing this week pinpointed one of the vital ingredients implicit in the name Community of Aidan and Hilda.   The CAH founders were very clear that the community and therefore its named patrons should never be selfishly nationalistic, but should be a model of indigenous and multi-national partnership.  The only reason we did not choose Brigid is that we did not want two  saints of the same race.  So Aidan and Hilda stand for believers of different races, languages and gender working together for the common good.

Even more, Aidan stands for the totally selfless laying down of one’s life for another, nastier and unlikeable people (in some ways!).  This is a birthright we must never lightly betray. It could determine whether the third millennium on the western fringes of Europe, and in each continent, is Christ-like or devilish.


This week Haddington Book Club met by zoom. Erudite Presbyterian ministers and others dissected 'Celtic Christianity and Climate Crisis: Twelve Keys for the Future of the Church' by Ray Simposon.  It always astonishes me that academics who quote Tolkien's statement that Celtic can mean anything on the one hand, are excited by the idea that ancient monastic villages of God might re-root as community transforming and environmentally friendly hub faith communities today on the other hand.  The metaphor of a mining operation served the Book Club well.  Dross was identified and dispensed with, but gold was also identified and   used as part of a new reformation that can  re-weavecatholicity in the truest sense of that word.



Posted at 15:25pm on 12th February 2021
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Monk in the marketplace and the Simpsons.
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