David Cameron's Christmas Present - 'the Cowshed Revolution'

Wait for a New Year Message and launch of 'The Cowshed Revolution: a new society created by downwardly mobile Christians'.

Meanwhile I sent Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron an advance copy for Christmas. In two recent speeches he called for a social reformation and for the church to help with an agenda that speaks to 'the whole nation'. The book explores The Big Society, Obama and The USA Tea Party movement, the Nordic and Bhutan models. It also tells the inspiring story of Christians who love Christ and the poor, and initiate social enterprises in many lands.

The Occupy movement wants the 1% who hold the levers of power and money to relate to the 99% as one human community. People in these pages are committed to make this a reality.

Have a good Christmas.



Posted at 02:47am on 23rd December 2011
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