Covid And ‘before We Say Goodbye’


The rapid spread of a more virulent form of Covid (plus in the northern hemisphere the onset of the dark days of winter) sobers us all.  Yet within every tragedy lies the seed of an opportunity.  Our opportunity is to give ourselves DIY home retreats in the ‘womb of winter’ that can bring fresh births to our lives/

 I have exciting news. Two hundred copies of my out-of-print book Before We Say Goodbye: preparing for a good death are now available for purchase solely via my web site  The entire proceeds go to  The Community of Aidan and Hilda, which sorely needs financial support during this lock-down. Why not buy a second copy to send as a Christmas present?

 With this in your hand, you can give yourself retreat sessions of abiding worth. 

Session 1: Live to the full before you die. Think of a talent or longing you have buried. If you feel something – do something.

Session 2: Create a photo album on your phone or on a shelf in your home of people and place you want to savour more fully before you die.  Let these prompt you to make phone calls to neglected family or friends.

Session 3: Gather scents, sounds and flowers that you love. Place them near you.  Plant a flower.  Savour them.

Session 4: Imagine you are at an airport where an officer tells you that you cannot embark on the departing plane because you have excesss baggage. You return to the departure lounge and decide what excess baggage you will ditch.  Practice off-loading worries, possessions, grudges.  Who have you hurt whose forgiveness you need to ask for? Who has hurt you whom you need to forgive?

Session 5: Still at the departure lounge, create a poetry, music and prayer lounge.  Gather by your bed-side five pieces of music you want to listen to as departure nears, poems, prayer and words of Jesus you wish to write down or cut out and repeat as departure.  The book has some suggestions. You will have your own to add to these.

 So may this winter period become to you a warm womb where fresh birthings bring joy in the gloom.

Posted at 04:00am on 31st October 2020
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