Christian And Muslim Prayer Mats

Since my last blog swine flue has declined in the world, I have met with Britain's Methodist Mission Enablers at Northampton, six of us have spent twenty fours hours in council at a member's house in the shadow of Arsenal Football Club's fantastic Emirates Stadium in London, and I have talked to Netherlands pilgrims about The Lindisfarne Gospels.

They were fascinated by the link, suggested by the Lindisfarne Gospels' expert Dr. Michelle Brown, between the 'carpet pages' in the Gospels and the oriental 'prayer mats' which probably inspired them, and which are still used by Muslims. Mollie Richards, of Norwich, has made a beautiful prayer mat for our Open Gate Chapel with Celtic designs, and is making a second one. The Netherlands pilgrims encourage many of us to make and use such prayer mats. They think this would also help to increase good bonds between Muslims and Christians.

Make those mats. Send one to us!

Posted at 07:31am on 5th May 2009
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