Brexit And Simplicity


The next few days may determine (keep your fingers crossed) whether UK will become Post-Brexit or No-Exit or continue in the throes of 'Don't Know Yet'.    Whether you are an internationalist or a localist, the CAH value of Simplicity is all-important.

Simplicity in our speaking and writing tells the truth in plain words. The Lord’s Prayer contains 56 words, the Ten Commandments 297, the American Declaration of Independence 300 - and The European Economic Community Directive on the Export of Duck Eggs contains 26,911 words!



Last Wednesday members of Cramlington churches joined Aidan and Hilda members from Liverpool, London and Shetlands who were on an Igniting the Flame Course at Open Gate, Holy Island,  to witness Anna Knox take her First Vows.  Jutta provided a welcome of delicious home-cooked scones etc.  and Robert organised the logistics of the service.


 At the close of the vows service Anna read these lines from Marjorie Milne’s poem Rhymes from a Lindisfarne Monk:


He is my king, in my heart he’s hid


He is my joy all joys amid


I am a drop in his ocean lost


His coracle I, on his wide sea tossed


A leaf in his storm.




The book of his praise in my wallet slung


The cloak of his friendship round me flung


Hither and thither about I’m blown


My way an eddy, my rest a stone


And he my fire.




My meat his work and my drink his will


He is my song, my strength, my skill


And all folk my lovers in good and ill


Through him my desire




In the track of the wind I trace his feet


And none of his coming was e’er so fleet


So sweet




Often my heart is a heavy stone


Mocked, trodden under and spat upon


My way a mirk, and I alone, alone




Then in my heart flames a climbing star


As his pilgrim feet come flashing far


To bring me where the blessed are


He is the cleft in the dark sky riven


Whereby I may leap to the bending heaven


Through the storm


Marjorie Milne of Glastonbury








Posted at 13:56pm on 18th October 2019
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