Break Down The Walls

Seven foot pilgrim Elijah Thomas Uhlig walked into ice-bound Holy Island. He has walked 4,000 miles from the Berlin Wall and the Jewish death camps. He will walk another 16,000 miles through wounded and sacred sites to the wall in Jerusalem. As he walks he learns the wisdom of nature, religion, and of the soul who journeys out of the ego into the true self. He has wept long over the death camps. Now, he weeps too for what Israel is doing.

Elijah has grasped the dynamics of denial that allowed the Nazis to flourish. He has grasped that many Israelis are in denial. He says that a huge percentage who come out of the Israeli army go on the trail to Asia where they drown their hurt in drugs and consciousness changing trips. They can cope neither with the reality of what Israel is doing nor with that of their own denial. He is encouraged that many youth in Europe now want to create a world fellowship under God, that up to one million Catholic youth may meet up in Milan with such a vision, and that Jews and some Israelis are joining the struggle for friendship that could lead to the dismantling of the wall. He hopes many people, of all faiths and backgrounds, will join up for the last stages of this great walk. See or email him at

Posted at 00:53am on 10th December 2010
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