Anzac Day Healing Of Wounded Memories

I was heartened to receive this report from Heather Johnston in Queensland:

At the CA&H  conference at the Green House in 2013 which happened to coincide with Anzac Day we had a public service to remember the Frontier Wars.  This was a bit radical as it wasn't really even acceptable to talk about the Black Diggers on Anzac Day at that time. The Frontier Wars was a pretty unfamiliar concept to most people and subject to vigorous denial by the establishment although the history was well documented.  Since then Beulah (the land and centre Heather stewards)  has  had regular Frontier Wars events especially on Anzac Day. These have been well attended by the local First People.    In 2015 we opened a war memorial for Indigenous and Islander service people made with a centenary of Anzac grant.  I designed it with the intention of adding a Frontier Wars component to it later.

The Frontier Wars Installation was opened in 2017.   In 2017 I was struggling with various family demons and was led to organize a eucharist  at St Marks (Buderim) on the afternoon of Anzac Day.  It was a service of lament at which some particular Gallipoli veterans were remembered.  I hoped from this time to be able to have a similar service to Remember the Frontier wars on Anzac Day. I thought it would take several years for this to be acceptable in the Main Street.  There has been a rapid change in public opinion about Indigenous issues in the last few years and  this year the St Marks service will commemorate the Frontier Wars which is wonderful. I'm no longer involved in the planning and will not attend.  I will sit in the cave and weep for the sins of my church, nation, people etc in the pursuit of war.`

Posted at 13:51pm on 24th April 2019
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