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What The Queen Could Say

 The Jeremy Vine UK TV show noted the Queen’s displeasure that confidential conversation with former Prime Minister David Cameron had been made public, and it invited viewers to text in what they thought the Queen should say to Broken Brexit Britain. I suggest  this:


 ‘Remainers and Brexiters, Unionists and...

Posted at 17:19pm on 20th September 2019


The situation in my country is so unspeakable (don't talk about it) that a supper for veteran ministers resorted to the telling of jokes about golden oldie hymns from good Queen Victoria's era.  Try singing these for starters:

I’m on the pil(l), I’m on the pil(l), I’m on the pilgrim way...


Posted at 10:16am on 13th September 2019

Creation Season

The church of Jesus Christ throughout the world now celebrates Creation Season throughout September.  Those in the northern hemisphere may focus on harvest; those in the southern hemisphere may focus on spring - but climate change campaigners everywhere may draw on rich resources. Creation Day opened the season on September 1.


Posted at 08:11am on 8th September 2019

Aidan And Hilda Week

 What a priceless group of disciples and mission leaders gathered at Holy Island's Open Gate Retreat House for Aidan and Hilda Week: five from USA, one each from Australia, Denmark, England,  Norway and Scotland. We learned about one of the world's greatest cross-cultural missions, and about the Cloud of Witnesses...

Posted at 16:20pm on 30th August 2019

The 'b' Word And The Wild Goose

What is the 'B' word? I vowed I would never mention Brexit in public. In UK and beyond it foments civil strife among friends and strangers alike - though now everyone is war weary.

Is  the 'B' word Britain, which might break up, even  though Scotland and its neighbours will still...

Posted at 09:10am on 21st August 2019

Celtic Summer School At Durham

Nine members of the Community of Aidan and Hilda were among the speakers at The Celtic Summer School held in Durham, attended by over a hundred people. 

 Ken McIntosh, from USA, first led an Open Gate retreat on ‘Fresh Water from an Ancient Well’.  His new book is entitled Reading the...

Posted at 16:49pm on 16th August 2019

Extended Family, Illness

Norway pastor Solve Hatlen brought eleven members of his extended family, including  his wife and both their parents, accompanied by Jan and Erna Lokkeborg, to the Open Gate. They had walked St. Cuthbert's Way, and members of Kirk Yetholm church had cooked them a meal on the Sunday night after...

Posted at 16:33pm on 9th August 2019

Scam, Peacocks And Valleys

I am the victim of an email scam. Many of you have received emails purporting to be from me and asking for your help. Please do two things: 1) Look carefully and you will see that the email is not in fact identical with mine. 2) Put it into scam...

Posted at 16:48pm on 2nd August 2019

God's Kiss And Mars Bars

Three of us went by car to Ian Davidson's funeral at Edinburgh's Morningside Church. A crowded church and robed choir saw Ian off.  Six community members came from Yorkshire, Northumberland and Scotland. Some knew him when he was warden of Scargill House, others when he was chaplain of Edinburgh Fellowship...

Posted at 06:13am on 27th July 2019

White House Working Holiday

My sister Sally and I are having a working holiday at White House, Holy Island.

I have hacked and weeded three years' growth to create a mountain of weeds.

Each day we attend four services.  Each day I have met up with an old friend who is staying on the island.

The Community...

Posted at 13:44pm on 19th July 2019
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